Mi Casa es Su Casa

by Cynthia English, Austinwoman magazine

They wear a Cordoban hat, taunt with the muleta as the famous Juan Belmonte did and risk life in their challenge. Their bravery and skill is admired by thousands. Standing on a busy street corner in almost any town you can still hear the swoosh of the cape and calls of the crowd. They wear a ‘bata de cola’ dress, move in the solea’ or bailes as Belen Maya does, clapping their hands, stomping their feet to the rhythmic verse of the cantes and lyrical notes of the guitar. Their skill is equally praised. Watching over a festival, the dynamically emotional sounds of their culture captivate and lure us to indulge in a vacation of discovery…here in the land of rolling hills, fertile plains and rocky summits of Spain, here in Andalusia, home of bullfighting and Flamenco, dancing horses, tapas and Sherry wine! 


Legendary birthplace of the emperors Trajan and Hadrian, starting point for the swarthy Don Juan, home of the old tobacco factory where “Carmen” worked, site of the third largest Cathedral in the world, of the historical Giralda…once the highest building in the world at 97, 5 meters, and of the Reales Alcazares…still the finest remaining remnant of Mudejar style – Sevilla, capital of Andalusia, is a never ending nucleus of intrigue, sparkle and vitality. Whether you are visually introspective, admiring the 8th century Moorish and Roman art and architecture or leisurely walking alongside the Guadalquivir River, breezing in and out of the fashionable shops or enjoying the fusion of gastronomic delicacies marked by the influx of different worlds into this regions history (Columbus set sail close by so even the New World left its mark on local cuisine!) in the abundant tapas bars, offering everything from Jamon Serrano to pastries made from centuries old recipes still followed by local nuns to goodies from the special stone ovens hailing from the medieval ages…whatever/wherever you choose to go, there is no end to the fascinating, mesmerizing, energizing and colorful history, religion, architecture, art, music, dance, food – ! Sevilla without doubt bombards all five senses. 


To relieve your bedazzled senses, to take a break from the crowds, and to experience a completely different view of Andalusia, why not retreat to a glorious boutique hotel rich in its own charm and history in the picturesque town of Carmona. 


5000 years of man’s toil and imagination have been beautifully protected and maintained on the hill behind the Puerto de Sevilla. And there nestled amongst ancient cathedrals, Mudejar churches, magnificent landmarks, and Renaissance mansions, up and around the narrow cobblestone streets is ‘Casa de Carmona’.  



Formerly the Lasso de la Vega Palace, built in the XVIth century for a family of the Spanish nobility, this 5 star hotel has been carefully restored and renovated to preserve not only the original details, but also quite remarkably, the atmosphere of a grand and elegant home handed down over the centuries. From the exterior to the interior, a perfect sense of cool tranquility mingles with the warm embrace of loved objects…in every courtyard, in each of the salons, and in each of the 33 rooms and suites, there is life, not just display. Antiques and art, carpets and textiles rich in color and regal taste are highlighted against backdrops of sapphire, citron, garnet, and amethyst hues…visual nourishment for the creative mind. Individual rooms tableau of unique character whether a loft suite, the Blue Suite, or another bedroom – you will be enchanted.   


     Casa de Carmona – luxuriate in this very special atmosphere created by Spanish aristocracy. Enjoy the fragrant orange trees and the soothing ripple of the fountain waters found in the small courtyards reflective of the Renaissance architecture. Dine by the small dipping pool under the Moorish arches, or enjoy French cuisine prepared by the chef and sous-chef in the former stables now the formal dining room. Read or sip Sherry in one of the salons or take a walk to the massive ruins of Pedro’s palace perched on the ridge of town overlooking the plain or to the remains of the Roman necropolis and amphitheatre or venture into one of the many charming venues singing with local color. Whatever your pleasure, the delightful staff will make every effort to please you, guide you and fulfill your every desire to make this beautiful Palacio your home for your time in Andalusia. 


Carmona – filled with the delights of a small historical town surrounded by open land and within reach of all the excitement and beauty of Andalusia. Casa de Carmona – a true treasure.


1) Ever have the lust to bullfight? Learn to bullfight (no damage to animals) or just visit a famous bull farm (arranged for small groups or solo from 1200 euros) visit www.elhigueral.com or for an adventure of a different sort,

2) Behind the Walls…off the beaten track; tour private ‘house~palaces’ in Carmona, Seville and Cordoba and see what different lives families lead,

3) Flip your skirt, tap your feet and snap like you never tap/snapped before…Flamenco! Classes can be arranged

4) Planning a special event in Carmona/Seville? A corporate event, private black-tie or masked balls, fun parties with flamencos, dj’s, picnics in the country, any affair will be happily arranged either in the Casa de Carmona or in the elegant XIX century Casa de Guardiola!

5) Learn to cook paella at the Spanish Language School, International House.




www.casadecarmona.com  Plaza de Lasso 1 ~ CARMONA ~ 41410 SEVILLA ~ SPAIN

t: +34.954.191000 f: +34.954.190189

~ Senor Felipe Guardiola ~